Birdwatching here is great any time of year. Choose your tour!

Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc offers packages for nature lovers, bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, paddlers and everyone in between. The corridor between Tampa, Orlando, Merritt Island and Daytona Beach is fantastic for bird watching, we are located directly in the middle and no experience is necessary!
Florida is the migratory path for many birds and we have the ability to get up close and personal with them through our guided kayak birding tours. It's like going on a Christmas Bird Count but we get to do it all year long!
Bring your binoculars, it's a beautiful sight! Our lead guide Kenny is an avid birder with an exceptional eye. Whether you are a beginner or experienced Bird Watcher our kayaks are well suited for the aquatic preserves we travel and these extremely stable vessels are the perfect platform for a relaxing guided birding tour. Come; discover Florida's wildlife and take home memories that will last a lifetime!

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St. Johns River I or II 
This river which is a paradise for wildlife was once the byway for commerce in Central Florida. Goods and services were brough to the area via the St Johns by Paddle Wheel boats. As one of the few rivers that flows North, several springs and tributaries join in to create estuaries for fish of all kinds. The Bald Eagles, Osprey, Great Blue Herons, Wood Storks, Limpkins, Anhingas, Egrets, Cormorants, Alligators, Turtles and many other species also nest here and call this place home. This is a relaxing 2-3 or 4-5 hour tour!

Wekiva River I or II 
Three springs pour into this pristine river. The Great Egret, American Bittern, Least Bittern, Pileated Woodpecker, Swallow-tailed Kite, Tri-colored & Green Heron as well as many other waterfowl flourish on this river. The Ivory-billed Woodpecker at one time called this home. We are able to do a 2-3 hour or 4-5 hour tour here.
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary $64.00 or $94.00 
Exceptionally scenic! Silver Springs, the headwaters of the Silver River, is the second largest spring in Florida. Some twists and turns of this river can reach depths of over 25 ft and it’s so clear that you can see the eel-grass swaying on the bottom. You will definitely hone your paddling skills going upstream but a first magnitude spring makes the trip back a breeze! You’ll have a chance to see lots of wildlife; Otters, many of Florida's wading birds, Red-shouldered Hawks, Barred Owls, Yellow-crowned and Black-crowned Night Herons, Anhingas, Cormorants, Raccoons and much more. See giant garfish, armored catfish, bowfin and maybe even a monkey or 12. This is a beautiful 4-5 or 6-7 hour paddle!
Level of Difficulty: Previous Experience Recommended $94.00  
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Winter Manatee Tour I or II 
Winter in Florida is a magical time. The Manatee comes inland to bask in the 72 degree waters of Florida's beautiful springs. This is a great doubleheader! During this exceptional tour you'll explore the back bays of the St Johns River for Birding and have the opportunity to meet the Manatees as well. If you have never experienced this gentle creature, now is the time! This is a great 2-3 or 4-5 hour tour.
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary $64.00 or $94.00
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We have packages for ages 5 years and older & all of our tours are booked by reservation. 

Tri-colored Heron
Bad Hair Day!

Florida Scrub Jay

Oh, much better - Thank You!

A little Manatee action and some Birding action too! Kayaking the St Johns River Jan 4, 2017

We got out early on the St Johns River and it was flat as a pancake. We saw a small ripple around the weed line and then a giant Manatee appeared. He raised his back a little as he fed on the abundant vegetation and as we watched him from a distance you could hear him breathe - it was so cool! The birds are everywhere… Bald Eagles, Red-shouldered Hawks, Wood Storks, Limpkins, Glossy and White Ibis, Anhingas, Cormorants, the Herons, Egrets and many more. As the sun came out from behind the clouds the reptiles came out too. The Turtles were out sunning and we got to see a few Alligators sunning. One had his head stuck up in the bushes but that tail is unmistakable. The temps reached the mid-70s today and as we enjoyed the sunshine it occurred to me what a pleasure Florida is in the Winter!

It's Fall in Florida - time to do a little birding!

Melissa brought Matt out for a birthday birding tour and the birds performed quite well for us today! The Anhinga was the most common and there were a lot of Little Blue Herons too - one being a “1st year white” Little Blue. The Great Blue, Tri-colored and Green Herons, White Ibis and Great Egrets were all out having breakfast. Had to look hard for the little Green but we did find a few. Red-shouldered Hawks, Ospreys, Turkey and Black Vultures, Pileated and Red-bellied Woodpeckers showed up too. We got to see a few Red-bellied Turtles out sunning and the weather was absolutely perfect for Birding on the Wekiva!

Orlando Birdwatching - a great morning spent paddling the Wekiva

The Wekiva River always attracts the birds. With its shallow waters, plenty of Lilies and natural shoreline it makes for an awesome birding spot and today was no different. The migratory birds are heading to Florida and that is always a good sign that Fall is here. We got to see Anhingas sunning themselves after a dip for a fish, White Ibis, Little Blue Herons, Pileated Woodpeckers, Great Blue Herons, Eastern Phoebe and Kingfishers….  just to name a few. Throw in a couple of small Alligators and Turtles out sunning, a nice breeze, great new kayaking friends and that all adds up to a great morning of birding with a twist.