Birdwatching here is great any time of year!

Central Florida Nature Adventures, LLC offers packages for birders, naturalists, photographers, paddlers and everyone in between. Florida is the migratory path for many birds and we have the ability to get up close and personal with them through our guided kayak tours. It's like going on a Christmas Bird Count but we get to do it all year long!

Bring your binoculars, it's a beautiful sight! Our lead guide Kenny is an avid birder with an exceptional eye. Whether you are a beginner or experienced kayaker our boats are well suited for the rivers we travel and these extremely stable vessels are the perfect platform for a relaxing guided tour to discover Florida's wildlife. We are happy to facilitate a trip for you that you are sure to enjoy! All of our tours are booked by reservation, so feel free to contact us at or 352-589-7899.

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Choose from many different birding tours or create your own!

St. Johns River
This historic river was once the highway for commerce in Central Florida bringing goods to the area by Paddle Wheel boat. Learn More

Wekiva River
Three springs pour into this pristine river. The Great Egret, American Bittern, Least Bittern, Pileated Woodpecker, Swallow-tailed Kite... Learn More

Silver River
Exceptionally scenic! Some twists and turns of this river can reach depths of over 25 ft and it’s so clear that you can see the bottom at any depth. Learn More

Winter Manatee Tour (Nov - Mar only)
Winter in Florida is a magical time. This is a fantastic combination tour, Birding while observing the Manatees too! Learn More

We have packages for ages 5 and above and all of our tours are booked by reservation. 

To prepare for your excursion, here is a quick checklist of items you will need to bring:
1. Binoculars / Camera
2. Your lunch (depending upon trip time and duration)
3. Non-alcoholic beverages
4. Sun block and maybe a hat
5. Sun glasses
6. Proper attire and water shoes (old sneakers will do just fine)
Also, it's always good to dress in layers. That is a great way to maximize your comfort.
During the warmer months, you might want to bring an extra set of clothes with you and a towel. That way you are prepared if you decide to cool off in the water.

Your guide will provide:
A cooler with ice packs to store your lunch and beverages, dry bags, a first aid kit, drinking water, the kayaks, paddles, PFD (life jackets), narration and education of Florida's diverse flora and fauna, some peace & quiet and a great time!

Restrictions: There are no alcoholic beverages allowed on our tours...there is plenty of time for that afterwards! Relax and enjoy Florida’s Natural settings… your body and brain will thank you!

Tri-colored Heron
Bad Hair Day!

Florida Scrub Jay

Oh, much better - Thank You!

Discovering Florida's Wildlife; what a great way to spend the morning of June 21, 2014 our Summer Solstice

We got an early start on the Dora Canal this morning and received several "pearls" of the day. The young Anhingas and Great Blue Herons were out learning to thrive in their new world. The Little Blue, Tri-colored and Green Herons came out to play too. As we paddled out to Lake Dora there was an Osprey perched in the big Pine tree, a mature Great Blue Heron sitting on the boat house and a Great Egret guarding the railroad trestle. We paddled the mile long canal through the old Cypress Trees over to Lake Eustis and caught the Scarlet Hibiscus in bloom. Off to Gator Inlet and true to form we got to see an Alligator there and took a quick break. On the way back the Button Bush bloom caught our eye and just as the boat traffic started to pick up, we got to see one last Little Blue Heron fishing for his breakfast. It was a nice morning to be on the old Elfin River and a great group to share it with!

Boating the Silver River May 27, 2014

The day after a long holiday is a perfect time to do some boating on the Silver River. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and there was lots to see too. The young Wood Ducks were out swimming with their Mom, the Moorhen had her chick out playing and the Limpkin was in the Water Hemlock teaching hers how to hunt for Apple Snails. We saw 4 Brown Water Snakes out sunning, they sure are pretty. The Monkeys were out too, we got to see about 20 of them. On the way back to the boat launch we came upon a Mom Wood Duck and several babies on a mat of vegetation and Duck Weed. There was a Gator just a few feet away...we watched as she steered her babies to safety. It was a great day to be on the river and to be a part of all that goes on in's very entertaining ;-).

Great Birding day on the Wekiva River April 26, 2014

As we paddled around the flats, we came up on a few Limpkins right off the start. The Little Blue Herons and Moorhens were out messing around while the Osprey was busy eating his "fresh catch of the day". We kayaked up to check out the Anhinga's nest and found the Mom and 2 healthy babies basking in the sun. All the sudden we heard 2 Barred Owls hooting it up and another one flew from across the river right over our heads with a Boat-tailed Grackle chasing him. No telling what trouble he was in ;-).  About 50 yards away we came upon the young Great Blue Herons sitting in their nest waiting for Mom to bring them a meal. As we drifted down we got to see the Great Egrets fishing along the banks, the Swallow-tailed Kites soaring overhead with the Red-shouldered Hawks and a tiny Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. There were lots of Turtles out sunning and we got to see a group of freshly hatched Gators just trying to find their way in the world. Life is good on the river!

Silver River on April Fool's Day 2014...birding at it's best ;-)

Paddling the Silver River with Larry and Barb we found our first pair of Prothonotary Warblers fresh in from Central America. They are always a treat with there bright yellow coloring. We also had a Barred Owl stop overhead and give us a look. When we stopped for lunch at the horseshoe, a Cormorant came up and swam around the kayaks...he was fishing. With the clear water, we could see his every move. We got to see lots of Turtles, a few Gators, a juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron learning to feed, Limpkins and Anhingas. The Blue Flag Iris is blooming along with the Cardinal Flower, Pickerel Weed, Spider Lily and Goldenrod.  It was a clear Spring day and we were happy to be celebrating April 1st.

Rock Springs Run's Big Birding Surprise March 13, 2014

Wow, Rock Springs Run is known for it's scenic beauty but today the birds gave us a big surprise. The Swallow-tailed Kites are now here, fresh from South America. We saw 12 Great Egrets all together looking to pair up, the White Ibis are decorated with their bright red bills and legs, Great Blue Herons, Little Blue Herons, Limpkins and Osprey were all present and accounted for. We had a big male Wild Turkey fly out of a tree right in front of us and as we looked up there was a Wood Stork circling overhead. We caught a glimpse of 2 North American River Otters, a few small Alligators and tons of Turtles were out sunning as well. The sky was that Spring time blue color, the river nice and clear and the trees are bursting with shades of green. It was a great day to be on the river!