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Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc offers guided tours for bird watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, photographers and everyone in between. The corridor between Tampa, Orlando and Daytona Beach is fantastic for bird watching and this is exactly where our birding tours take place! Florida is the migratory path for many birds and you will have the ability to get up close and personal with them through our guided bird watching tours. It's like going on a Christmas Bird Count but we get to do it all year long. Bring your binoculars, it's a beautiful sight!

When it comes to bird watching tours near Orlando our lead guide Kenny is an authority on Central Florida's rare and tropical birds. He is an enthusiastic birder with an exceptional eye for finding them. Whether you are a beginner or experienced bird watcher we offer both traditional bird watching tours on land and birding by kayak tours. Our kayaks are well suited for the aquatic preserves we travel and these extremely stable vessels are the perfect platform for a relaxing guided bird watching tour. Come; discover Florida's Birdlife and take home memories that last a lifetime!
The Boardwalk 
This is a traditional land based bird watching tour that is 1.5 hours long and wheelchair accessible. Spend your morning exploring a wetland area to view some of Florida's rare and tropical birds. Visit with the Purple Gallinules, Limpkins, Anhingas and others that thrive in these freshwater marshes.
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary $32.00

The Uplands 
This bird watching tour offers the best of both worlds uplands and wetlands. It is a 2-3 hour walk which starts on a high ridge. Here you can experience woodland birds such as Pileated Woodpeckers, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Cardinals. Then we'll meander down to a protected preserve where the indigenous and tropical Limpkins and Anhingas thrive. Being close to Orlando makes this tour a Birder's favorite
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary $64.00
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St. Johns River I or II 
This river is a great place to go bird watching by kayak. A wildlife paradise it was once the byway for commerce in Central Florida. Goods and services were brought to the area via the St Johns by Paddle Wheel boats. Several springs and tributaries join in to create habitats for birds of all kinds. The Swallow-tailed Kites, Bald Eagles, Osprey, Great Blue Herons, Wood Storks, Limpkins, Anhingas, Egrets, Cormorants and many other bird species nest here and call this place home. This is a relaxing 2-3 or 4-5 hour tour!
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary $64.00 or $94.00
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Wekiva River I or II 
This wildlife filled river was at one time home of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker and it's a great birding spot. As we kayak this pristine waterway we'll have the chance to see Great Egrets, American Bitterns, Pileated Woodpeckers, Swallow-tailed Kites, Little Blue, Tri-colored & Green Herons as well as many of the other waterfowl that flourish on this wild and scenic river. We are able to do a 2-3 hour or 4-5 hour tour here.
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary $64.00 or $94.00 
Exceptionally scenic! Silver Springs, the headwaters of the Silver River is the second largest spring in Florida and it's loaded with Mother Nature's treasures! Fantastic for birders you’ll have a chance to see many of Florida's wading birds as well as Red-shouldered Hawks, Barred Owls, Yellow-crowned and Black-crowned Night Herons, Anhingas, Cormorants and much more. Home of the world famous Rhesus Macaque Monkeys you'll have a chance to see them too! This is a beautiful 4-5 hour bird watching tour!
Level of Difficulty: Previous Kayaking Experience Recommended $94.00  
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Winter Manatee Tour I or II 
Winter in Florida is a magical time. The Manatee comes inland to bask in the 72 degree waters of Florida's beautiful springs. This is a great doubleheader! During this exceptional tour you'll explore the back bays of the St Johns River for Birding and have the opportunity to meet the Manatees as well. If you have never experienced this gentle creature, now is the time! This is a great 2-3 or 4-5 hour tour.
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary $64.00 or $94.00
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We have packages for ages 5 years and older & all of our birding tours are booked by reservation. 

The illusive American Bittern #BirdingWithKenny

Join the 21st Annual Great Backyard Bird Count Feb. 16 - 19, 2018! Learn More...

Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc
Central Florida Nature Adventures, llcCentral Florida Nature Adventures, llc
Last year there were over 160,000 participants which created the largest instantaneous snapshot of global bird populations ever recorded. The GBBC or Great Backyard Bird Count is a fun way for everyone in the entire world to help The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and The Audubon Society expand their understanding of birds, how to protect them and the environment we share.

Count for as little as 15 minutes in your own backyard or where ever you might be and report what you see.

It's easy just go to, add your location and upload your findings. You can also use the eBird app created by Cornell Lab of Ornithology. You don't have to be a birder to join in on the #GBBC and they will even help you identify the bird if you don't know what it is!

Photos compliments of Gerry Love, Ed Hampson and Nate Stonehouse

What to do when a life list bird shows up in your window!!

Kenny and I have been bird watching near Orlando for 14 years. We actually "bird" everywhere we go but living in Central Florida makes for easy birding. All of my days #BirdingWithKenny I've always kept an eye out for the illusive Painted Bunting. I've hiked to where they were spotted several times with no success.

Today I looked out the kitchen window and noticed a beautiful little green and yellow bird. Hmm I've never seen that before I wonder what that is. My brain started the process of elimination... then the male flew in! I totally freaked out and became a statue in the window.

"What do I do??? There is a pair of Painted Buntings in my kitchen window!!!" It took me 30 seconds to even think about grabbing a camera. So next time one of your life list birds shows up in your window take it all in for a moment and then GRAB YOUR CAMERA & share!

Lake May Reserve is the Featured Orlando Birding Hot Spot

Lake May Reserve is located at 36300 County Road 44A, Eustis, FL and is a great place for birding. This past Sunday we were out #BirdingWithKenny and found Cardinals, a Red-headed Woodpecker - which was a total surprise - Pileated Woodpeckers, Gray Catbirds, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Carolina Wrens and down by the lake there were Great Blue Herons, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and a flock of White Ibis. Lake County Water Authority has put a ton of work into this 136 acre park. Lake May Reserve was private property; an orange grove, wooded area and the old King Grove cabin. It is now a beautiful hiking trail and birding hot spot. They took out the invasive trees and created a 2.4 mile hiking loop. So for todays featured Orlando Birding Hotspot may we introduce you to Lake May Reserve!

Bird Watching with a Twist on the Silver River

The Silver River is the second largest spring in Florida and the wildlife here is absolutely amazing. It was a bit chilly so we bundled up and off we went. It’s awesome to go birding on the kayaks because you have access to so much area. You can quietly glide by them and watch as they watch you. Today I believe we saw all of the Herons including Yellow-crowned Night Herons and Black-crowned Night Herons. The Monkeys were out playing and the Turtles were stacked on top of each other sunning on the logs. The Bur Marigolds are in bloom and the river nice and clear. We had the whole place to ourselves for the first half of our tour. It was just Us out bird watching with a twist on the Silver River.

The Best Birding Tours Near Orlando

Birding Tours Near Orlando
Birding tours near Orlando come in all shapes and sizes. You can take a hike in the Ocala National Forest to see Florida Scrub-Jays, Eastern Towhees and Red-headed Woodpeckers. Go to Black Point Wildlife Drive to see Reddish Egrets and Roseate Spoonbills. In the Winter months there are plenty of ducks and you might see Common Loons.

But if you want the best birding tours near Orlando go bird watching by kayak. Orlando is close to several slow moving rivers that are home to an abundance of birds. Many live off of what the river brings. Herons, Egrets, Anhingas and Ospreys eat fish. Ibis, Moorhens, Limpkins and Purple Gallinules eat snails and their relatives.

The birding tours near Orlando offered by Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc are rated #1. The goal is to make sure you check as many birds off your life list as possible and leave with a smile on your face!

December 13, 2017 Jenny Boyd
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We're celebrating our 10th Anniversary of Bird Watching Tours in Orlando so take 10% off and come join us!

In 2004 after 4 storms hit Florida we were out boating with some friends. The animals had moved around the state trying to dodge the wrath of Hurricanes Charlie, Francis, Ivan and Jean. The St Johns River had gotten so high that we were able pole our little boat through the trees. We were thrilled to be back in the swamps - where no boat had gone before except maybe the Indians. All the sudden our friend Wayne says "Look!! There's a Mangrove Cuckoo Bird!! We all laughed thinking he was joking. Then to our surprise, from his backpack Wayne pulls a bird book and proceeds to show us a Mangrove Cuckoo Bird in the book. We looked at his book, looked at the bird and went WOW. We were hooked on bird watching and have been ever since.

In 2007 we formed Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc to show other people the beautiful flora and fauna of Central Florida. We wanted to take people on bird watching tours. Getting outside was good for our soul; we figured it might be good for others that were as curious as we are. This month we're celebrating our 10th Anniversary of bird watching tours in Orlando and we want to say Thanks!! Let us know you saw this rate on our blog... From November 10, 2017 thru December 10, 2017 take 10% off any bird watching tour we offer and come join us! #BirdingWithKenny

These photos were taken on a birding tour Gerry Love took with us last month. Thanks for letting us share your pics Gerry!

On Today's Orlando Birding Tour: First siting of the Wood Storks home coming!!

Orlando Birding Tours Central Florida Nature Adventures
We've been waiting to see if the Wood Storks will return to their old haunt to nest. On this morning's Orlando birding tour we saw 5 of them near the St Johns River... and for our community of Birders that is Great News! #BirdingWithKenny

UPDATE: What happened to Orlando's Favorite Bird Watching and Wildlife Drive?

St. Johns River Water Management District has decided to close all of the trails including the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive until further notice. The concern is public safety until they can fix the levies that were breached during Hurricane Irma. We'll keep you posted!