Kayaking the St Johns River on St Patty's Day 3/17/13

The St Johns River is a great place for wildlife. Not only did we get to visit with the Manatees but the birds and reptiles came out to greet us too. The Little Blue's are turning their calico color, the Sandhill Cranes are nesting, the Great Blue Herons are feeding their young, the Baby Gators are out sunning along with the River Cooters and Red-bellied Turtles, the Snowy and Great Egrets are so brightly colored it makes you wonder how something can stay so vivid white living in the swamps of Florida. The Anhingas are pairing up, the Tri-colored Herons, Purple Gallinules and Moorhens are chasing each other around on the Spadderdock and the sounds of life are every where! Never a dull moment and lots to be thankful for ;-).
Below is a link to the photos Rene took. Thanks Rene!!