A foggy start turned out to be a great Birding day! March 25, 2015

We got off to a foggy start on the St Johns River this morning. Paddling out through the mist around the island we were greeted by a Great Egret, a Little Blue Heron in the white phase and the Great Blue Heron sitting on it's nest with 3 large Chicks. We spotted a Double-crested Cormorant all lit up in his breeding plumage and had a Limpkin fly-by. Then a Purple Gallinule came out with 3 Coots. Wow what a color contrast, it's like someone painted an American Coot blue, purple and green. Next we paddled down to the spring run and found a lone Manatee. We got to watch the crew from SeaWorld release a rehabilitated one back into the run and that was a heartwarming sight. In Snake Creek we spied the Barred Owl hanging close to it's nest and on the way back the Sun came out and so did a few Turtles and Alligators. It wound up being a beautiful day on the river and Mother Nature did a great job of strutting her stuff.