A Manatee trip made for Birders December 17, 2014

We went Birding from our kayaks on the St Johns River in Orange City, FL and everywhere we turned there were more and more birds. From Purple Gallinules to Florida's Limpkins and everything in between. The Herons were out; Little Blues, Great Blues, Tri-colored and the Snowy Egrets as well as Great Egrets greeted us too. There were Moorhens, Red-shouldered Hawks, Bald Eagles, Coots and we watched a few Wild Turkeys as well. Caught a glimpse of a Bittern flying by...the Illusive Bittern and after he flew into the weeds he was just that, there was no finding him then. The Black and Turkey Vultures were playing in the thermals high above our heads and in Snake Creek we spied a young Barred Owl. The Manatees swimming back and forth from the Springs to the River made for a special treat and we got to see a few River Cooter and Red-bellied Turtles sunning on the logs. The weather is fantastic this time if year, today was a perfect example and Mother Nature blessed us with lots of wildlife to see and places to explore!