Birding with a twist November 30, 2014

Sherry and Kenny went out on the Wekiva River for a half day birding adventure, had great weather and a great time! For starters we had a Bald Eagle circling overhead and a Wood Stork was sunning up in the trees. A few minutes with a River Otter was a nice treat and we got to see lots of Florida's Birds. The Great Egrets and Snowys welcomed us to the river. Great Blue and Little Blue Herons, Pied-billed Grebes, Anhingas, Moorhens and even a Wild Turkey were all out feeding as well. Red-shouldered Hawks, Yellow Rumped Warblers, Turkey and Black Vultures were all out playing and we got to see several Turtles sitting on the logs with an assortment of Alligators enjoying the day. The sky is that beautiful Fall blue and the leaves on the trees are sounding off with Fall colors. It was a perfect day to be playing outside in Florida.