Great Birding day on the Wekiva River April 26, 2014

As we paddled around the flats, we came up on a few Limpkins right off the start. The Little Blue Herons and Moorhens were out messing around while the Osprey was busy eating his "fresh catch of the day". We kayaked up to check out the Anhinga's nest and found the Mom and 2 healthy babies basking in the sun. All the sudden we heard 2 Barred Owls hooting it up and another one flew from across the river right over our heads with a Boat-tailed Grackle chasing him. No telling what trouble he was in ;-).  About 50 yards away we came upon the young Great Blue Herons sitting in their nest waiting for Mom to bring them a meal. As we drifted down we got to see the Great Egrets fishing along the banks, the Swallow-tailed Kites soaring overhead with the Red-shouldered Hawks and a tiny Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. There were lots of Turtles out sunning and we got to see a group of freshly hatched Gators just trying to find their way in the world. Life is good on the river!