Mary Farrar's Birding Adventures April 26, 2013

After her kayak tour of Lil Amazon, Mary ventured off to some of the other areas close by to see what she could see...this is her story. Thanks so much for sharing these photos with us Mary!!!

Kenny and Jen,
Thanks for the pictures.  I had an excellent time out on the water soaking up the sights and sounds. 
Afterward, I explored Emeralda Marsh via foot/wheels.  As I was about to head back to the car after not seeing too much along one of the trails, a hawk flew right in front of me carrying a baby alligator!  It came out of nowhere, so I only have a mental photo of it.  It took it up to a nest high in the trees full of babies (I could hear them get excited).  I could just see the back end of the hawk as it tore up the alligator to feed to the babies.  I used Kenny's trick of mimicking one of the babies to get it to turn around for a photo before fully settling into the nest and out of my sight.  Other highlights of Emeralda were the  Glossy Ibis, a family of Moorhens, and a male Anhinga(?).
Kenny also mentioned that the Venetian Gardens in Leesburg is a good spot to see the Purple Gallinule.  I visited there as well and probably saw at least a half dozen the few hours I was there. 
Thanks again!
Mary Farrar

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