Our kayak swim tour of Rock Springs Run July 17, 2015


Derek and Amira brought their boys out to Rock Springs Run this morning for a little clear water kayak tour so we started off with a cool down at the sand bar in the 72 degree waters of the Spring Run. Then it was time to go looking for the wildlife. The first thing we saw was a pair of Limpkins looking for snails and mussels. Later in the tour we got to see the Great Blue Herons and a pair of Little Blues in the white phase. The Great Egrets, Anhingas, Osprey and White Ibis were out along with lots of Turtles sunning on the logs. We even got to see one in the clear water under our kayaks. An Alligator here and there and countless Dragon and Damsel Flies were spotted as well. We stopped at the jumping tree and took a swim on the way back... time flies when you're having fun!