Paddling the kayaks through the Swamps of Florida July 27, 2013


The Wekiva was very inviting this morning, the fog had lifted and off we went. The immature Great Blue Heron was the first to show and next was a beautiful Scarlet Hibiscus. We saw a few Anhingas drying their wings and then the teenager Green Herons came out to greet us. I'm glad to see the Duck Boxes are surviving and thriving and around the corner was the Tri-colored Heron and the yard bird singing "Happy Birthday", he's such a character! As we moved further downstream a couple of rather large Gators were sunning, the Mallow is blooming, the Spatterdock gave us a shot of yellow and the Osprey was having his lunch while we were enjoying ours. The trip back brought the Turtles out and the Damselfly hitched a ride on my paddle. There is never a dull moment in the world of nature!