Silver River on April Fool's Day 2014...birding at it's best ;-)

Paddling the Silver River with Larry and Barb we found our first pair of Prothonotary Warblers fresh in from Central America. They are always a treat with there bright yellow coloring. We also had a Barred Owl stop overhead and give us a look. When we stopped for lunch at the horseshoe, a Cormorant came up and swam around the kayaks...he was fishing. With the clear water, we could see his every move. We got to see lots of Turtles, a few Gators, a juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron learning to feed, Limpkins and Anhingas. The Blue Flag Iris is blooming along with the Cardinal Flower, Pickerel Weed, Spider Lily and Goldenrod.  It was a clear Spring day and we were happy to be celebrating April 1st.