Someone said "lets go kayaking while we're in Florida" and that's exactly what they did!

Seth and Pam brought their youngsters out for the family's first time paddling trip and there was lots to see on the St Johns River today. The Great Blue Herons were flying over head like ancient Pterodactyls and their were a few Gators out soaking up the sun. We saw the Yellow-bellied Turtles sunning on the logs as the Spanish Moss swayed in the breeze of an 84 degree early March day. A Purple Gallinule came out to say hello and the Moorhens, American Coots, Snowys and Great Egrets were all out feeding and enjoying the day as we were. We got to see some Manatees as they were heading out to the river to eat and then we paddled in the back bays of Snake Creek. It's great family fun. Mother Nature has a way of making awesome memories along with creating great paddling buddies.