Watching the wildlife on Silver River June 15, 2013

Paddling toward the Silver River, life is good!

Apple Snail Eggs are everywhere, that's a great sign!

The colors of the river 

Scarlet Tanager, nice find!

The Cardinal Flower is out now

Hanging out at the "horseshoe"

New to the world!

The Prothonotary Warlbers sang for us all day


Tyler's got his eye on that Brown Water Snake in the tree

Sandy and the Spider Lilies

Popping Pickerel Weed

Little Blue Heron changing from his immature white phase to full on blue, this is our "Calico"

Sandy and Eric

Gary and Tyler

The bird of the day, the Yellow Crowned Night Heron, there were 5 right here together!

There's a what over there?
A big ole Gator over there ;-)

God's garden

David and Betty...just relaxing

Us and the Eelgrass of Silver River
I don't think we could have asked for a better day...I'll let the pictures tell this story!