Kayaking with Florida's Wildlife Feb 6, 2016

Dan and Cari Jo, down from MN, came out for a little paddle on the St Johns River. It was a perfect Florida February day. The river is popping with wildlife and most of the birds are in their breeding phase now. They’re showing off their fluffy feathers and their eyes and legs are starting to color up. There were many Purple Gallinule out with their young. The Moorhens, Ibis, Little and Great Blue Herons, Snowy and Great Egrets were all out looking for breakfast and the Anhingas were swimming about searching for theirs. The Bald Eagles, Ospreys and Red-shouldered Hawks were all soaring overhead. The Manatees showed up a few times. We got to see a mother with her youngster swim under our kayaks; that is such a thrill and the Elms and Water Hickories are starting to leaf out for Spring. What a great day to be kayaking with Florida’s wildlife!