Kayaking with the Birds of the Silver River

We could do no wrong as far as the birding goes on the mighty Silver River this morning. Ted and Alice were our lucky charms. At one spot we had 7 different species in our view. An Anhinga was sitting on a branch, Great Blue, Little Blue and Tri-colored Herons, a young female Wood Duck, White Ibis and a Glossy Ibis. Throw in a few Limpkins, Prothonotary Warblers, Great Egrets, Ospreys, Cormorants and WOW! On the bright red Cardinal Flower we spotted a Hummingbird. The Pileated Woodpeckers were drumming on the Cabbage Palms and a Yellow Crowned Night Heron watched as we paddled by. Most of these were first year birds on their own playing and feeding. The Turtles were out sunning too and the fish were popping and rolling in front of us. It was a great day on the river and when Mother Nature puts on a show like that? You gotta Love it!