A little Manatee action and some Birding action too! Kayaking the St Johns River Jan 4, 2017

We got out early on the St Johns River and it was flat as a pancake. We saw a small ripple around the weed line and then a giant Manatee appeared. He raised his back a little as he fed on the abundant vegetation and as we watched him from a distance you could hear him breathe - it was so cool! The birds are everywhere… Bald Eagles, Red-shouldered Hawks, Wood Storks, Limpkins, Glossy and White Ibis, Anhingas, Cormorants, the Herons, Egrets and many more. As the sun came out from behind the clouds the reptiles came out too. The Turtles were out sunning and we got to see a few Alligators sunning. One had his head stuck up in the bushes but that tail is unmistakable. The temps reached the mid-70s today and as we enjoyed the sunshine it occurred to me what a pleasure Florida is in the Winter!