We're celebrating our 10th Anniversary of Bird Watching Tours in Orlando so take 10% off and come join us!

In 2004 after 4 storms hit Florida we were out boating with some friends. The animals had moved around the state trying to dodge the wrath of Hurricanes Charlie, Francis, Ivan and Jean. The St Johns River had gotten so high that we were able pole our little boat through the trees. We were thrilled to be back in the swamps - where no boat had gone before except maybe the Indians. All the sudden our friend Wayne says "Look!! There's a Mangrove Cuckoo Bird!! We all laughed thinking he was joking. Then to our surprise, from his backpack Wayne pulls a bird book and proceeds to show us a Mangrove Cuckoo Bird in the book. We looked at his book, looked at the bird and went WOW. We were hooked on bird watching and have been ever since.

In 2007 we formed Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc to show other people the beautiful flora and fauna of Central Florida. We wanted to take people on bird watching tours. Getting outside was good for our soul; we figured it might be good for others that were as curious as we are. This month we're celebrating our 10th Anniversary of bird watching tours in Orlando and we want to say Thanks!! Let us know you saw this rate on our blog... From November 10, 2017 thru December 10, 2017 take 10% off any bird watching tour we offer and come join us! #BirdingWithKenny

These photos were taken on a birding tour Gerry Love took with us last month. Thanks for letting us share your pics Gerry!

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