Lyonia Preserve is the Featured Orlando Birding Hot Spot

Lyonia Preserve is located just North of Orlando in Deltona, FL and now that the weather is cooling off it's our featured Orlando birding hot spot. This is the only place I've ever seen a Scrub-Jay land on someone's head (this is my friend Terry that made a Scrub-Jay friend). These curious, fine, feathered friends are abundant here at Lyonia Preserve. They are indigenous to Florida and thanks to Lyonia Preserve they have 380 acres in the middle of town in which to roam. Keep your eyes open and you will see Gopher Tortoises, lots of different species of Butterflies, Eastern Towhees, Cardinals, Red-shouldered Hawks, Warblers of all sorts, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Red-headed Woodpeckers and in the winter months look for Cedar Waxwings. Even some of the water birds such as the Herons and Egrets have decided to call Lyonia Preserve home.

There are several different trails to hike and here is a checklist of things to bring:

Bottled Water
Birding Guide
Snacks - it's a relaxing place to hang for a few hours
Sun Glasses, a Hat or both
Camera - you just never know what these guys are up to on any given day
Dress in comfortable, nature colored clothes

The Lyonia Environmental Center is great to visit while you are at the preserve too. There is much to learn about Florida's eco-systems and the exhibits at the environmental center explains all of this in a fun way.

Great for kids of all ages, we hope you enjoy the preserve as much as we do! #BirdingWithKenny

November 6, 2017 Jenny Boyd 
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Terry said...

This is one of our favorite places to hike. Hats off to Central Florida nature Adventures for featuring this