What happened to Orlando's Favorite Bird Watching and Wildlife Drive?

Female Anhinga Drying Her Wings
Lake Apopka North Shore Wildlife Drive is a favorite for bird watchers visiting Orlando and it took a huge hit during Hurricane Irma. Lake Apopka itself rose a foot within 24 hours then mysteriously dropped a foot. So what happened? As the St Johns River Water Management District partnering with Lake County Water Authority began to research this strange phenomenon they realized the wildlife drive which acts like a levy was breached in two places allowing the lake to flood one of the best bird watching areas in Orlando.

The good news is... Orlando's favorite bird watching and wildlife drive is on the mend! The water is starting to recede and the Red Trail is open! It could be several more weeks before the wildlife drive itself will be ready for bird watching but you can access the hiking trail at the end of County Road 448A in Mt Dora, FL which is a huge step in the right direction for us bird watchers. We are encouraged to see the progress, we know this is Mother Nature's way of giving Lake Apopka North Shore Wildlife Drive a rest and we'll keep you posted as we know more. For information regarding other bird watching and wildlife drives that are open contact Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc 352-589-7899 #BirdingWithKenny

October 31, 2017 Jenny Boyd 
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