Is Orlando a good place for a birding tour? Ohhh Yeah!!

Orlando sits just North of the Kissimmee Prairie and just South of the Ocala National Forest. Both areas are vast lands that create great habitats for the rare birds that live in Central Florida. So Orlando is a great place for a birding tour! Orlando also happens to be in the migratory path for several species that move South in the Winter. So what rare birds can you see on an Orlando Birding tour?

Limpkins are indigenous to the South, an indicator species that the habitat is healthy and the populations near Orlando are numerous.
Orlando Birding Tours #BirdingWithKenny
Snowy Egrets are here year round and their rookeries can be found in the Spring time near any large body of water.
Orlando Birding Tours #BirdingWithKenny
Anhingas are rare birds that are also indigenous to the South and this female is perched,
drying her wings.
Orlando Birding Tours #BirdingWithKenny
Belted Kingfishers migrate here for the Winter and their "rattles" mean that Fall is right around the corner. 
Orlando Birding Tours #BirdingWithKenny
Today we spent our time on an Orlando Birding tour with well-known Orlando Bird Watching Guide Kenny Boyd and it didn't take long before we saw all of the above. 

November 25, 2017 Jenny Boyd
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