Bird Watching with a Twist on the Silver River

The Silver River is the second largest spring in Florida and the wildlife here is absolutely amazing. It was a bit chilly so we bundled up and off we went. It’s awesome to go birding on the kayaks because you have access to so much area. You can quietly glide by them and watch as they watch you. Today I believe we saw all of the Herons including Yellow-crowned Night Herons and Black-crowned Night Herons. The Monkeys were out playing and the Turtles were stacked on top of each other sunning on the logs. The Bur Marigolds are in bloom and the river nice and clear. We had the whole place to ourselves for the first half of our tour. It was just Us out bird watching with a twist on the Silver River.

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Anonymous said...

We had an amazing day. Although it was the coldest week in a decade, we layered up and were comfortable the whole day. The bonus to braving the cold was that we had the river to ourselves. Kenny is a great guide. His knowledge of birds, mammals, and plants really contributes to the experience. This was our second paddle with him and we plan on going again, even considering a multi day paddle.