When is the best time of year to go Birding near Orlando?

Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc

5 Reasons why March and April are some of the best times of year to go Birding near Orlando...  

1. Our Central Florida birds are donning their breeding plumage and it's a wonderfully beautiful sight!
2. They are pairing up, chasing each other around and acting silly; bird comedy at its best that puts a smile on your face.

3. The sounds of the birds calling to each other creates a safari like atmosphere that happens no other time of year.

4. Nest building time means lots of birds out flying around picking up materials and it is happening right in front of us.
5. The baby birds are learning to fledge which creates an explosion of Central Florida birds we get to see, count and add to your life list!

For the ultimate experience birding near Orlando grab your binoculars and head out for a guided tour #BirdingWithKenny of Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc.

We offer guided bird watching hikes, birding tours by kayak and are the number 1 ranked guide service for birding near Orlando.

More of a "bird watching by car" person? Check out...

Black Point Wildlife Drive in Merritt Island - open year round sunrise to sunset.

Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive in Apopka - open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays sunrise to 1 hour before sunset.

February 28, 2018 Jenny Boyd - Photo compliments of Ed Hampson
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