What to do when a life list bird shows up in your window!!

Kenny and I have been bird watching near Orlando for 14 years. We actually "bird" everywhere we go but living in Central Florida makes for easy birding. All of my days #BirdingWithKenny I've always kept an eye out for the illusive Painted Bunting. I've hiked to where they were spotted several times with no success.

Today I looked out the kitchen window and noticed a beautiful little green and yellow bird. Hmm I've never seen that before I wonder what that is. My brain started the process of elimination... then the male flew in! I totally freaked out and became a statue in the window.

"What do I do??? There is a pair of Painted Buntings in my kitchen window!!!" It took me 30 seconds to even think about grabbing a camera. So next time one of your life list birds shows up in your window take it all in for a moment and then GRAB YOUR CAMERA & share!

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