Some of the Best Birding Tours near Disney World are via a Kayak


Susan and Kenny set out on a birding and wildlife expedition on the Wekiva River for Birders I Tour and hit the jackpot! Launching their kayaks from Katie's Landing State Park which is part of the Lower Wekiva River Preserve near Sanford, FL they paddled up stream for a bit then headed to the wilder side. Juvenile Little Green Herons are now being taught how to fish, Mottled Duck and Whistling Duck babies are perusing the river. Ospreys are teaching their young to forage for themselves and the River Turtles were out sunning. There were a few Alligators napping in the sunshine too. The Limpkins chicks have grown into adults but the Wild Turkey chicks are still bumping around on the ground. Watching the Tri-colored Heron dance for the fish was a "let's just stop here for a moment" moment! Once around the corner of the old River Haven Fish Camp the Wekiva becomes truly wild. Bastard Indigo is now in bloom, Apple Snails Eggs are being laid and the Red-Shouldered Hawk came out to say hello. Some of the best bird watching tours near Disney World are truly via a kayak #BirdingWithKenny!

Photos compliments of Susan Roach
June 7, 2018 Jenny Boyd 
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