Simple Checklist for Beginner Birders

Most people see birds as those cool things that fly around. The curiosity hasn’t set in beyond that yet.

Beginner Birders are great people who are embarking on an amazing journey!

You know you are a Beginner Birder if… When you see one you say to yourself “What kind of bird is that?” Then you call someone who might know.

As Birders we all share this kid-like excitement that comes from being curious enough to want to learn more. So we put together a simple checklist for Beginner Birders.

1) Good Binoculars are a must. A crappy pair of binoculars is just frustrating!
Nikon Monarch 8 x 42 is what we at Central Florida Nature Adventures use and they are fantastically rugged.

2) Birder Field Guides
David Allen Sibley is one of the leaders in Birding and his books are fantastic for Beginner Birders because they are easy to read with exceptionally detailed drawings. He does them himself!

3) Birding Apps
Audubon has an excellent app with awesome photos, sounds and maps.
Merlin by Cornell Lab is also a good birding app. We use both.

That’s it! The checklist for beginner birders is complete. So for less than $350.00 you have a new hobby.

We recommend to beginner birders that they start small and grow from there. In your local area or even your backyard is a great place. Purchase the books and download the apps that cover your location. Once you can identify the locals it makes it much easier to identify others as you expand.

We hope this checklist is helpful and if you ever have any questions about the birds you see or would like to join us on a Birding Tour give us a shout!

Jenny Boyd
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